One of the most common questions I get asked is, “What should I be reading?

Folks usually ask this casually and I, not understanding that everyone is not like me, will unload about 10-12 titles and authors in 30 seconds. I am blessed with an extreme desire to stay inside, sit still, and let my mind do the exploring. This might be a cover-up for my severe aversion to physical activity… but lets just keep the positive spin on it.

So here is what I’ve been reading while avoiding the sunlight and socialization:

image1-1Currently reading: Disunity in Christ, Christena Cleveland

So far, Christena has been teaching me about the social forces at work in group identities, in general, and how they affect the Church, specifically. Christena is clever, personal and always includes her own experiences to demonstrate the sociological phenomenon she is describing. A great introduction to group identity and how we can overcome it in our congregations.



image3Just finished: faith beyond resentment, by James Alison

James is a gay English priest with practical ministry opportunities taking him all over the globe. This book is a testament to God’s grace and James’ resilience and willingness to follow God. Based largely on late French literary critic Rene’ Girard’s work, James has given me entirely new and refreshing language to describe what Jesus accomplishes in His life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension. This is a heavy book, and required a lot of re-reading to capture all of James’ brilliance. But the value is immeasurable.



image2All-time reigning favorite: The Shack, William Paul Young

This much-criticized novel suffers the usual pains that come with challenging popular perceptions about God and suffering. But Young offers a beautiful, theologically sound view of the Trinity as they interact with Mack throughout the most difficult times of his life. I am going to have the opportunity to attend a conference with Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation, where Father Richard and William Paul Young will be discussing matters relating to the Trinity, along the lines of Father Richard’s new book, The Divine Dance, which is sitting on my Amazon Wish List.


rachelheldevansbookFavorite Blogger: Rachel Held Evans

Rachel is fabulous! Author of some of my favorite books, such as, Faith Unraveled, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, and Searching For Sunday, she has built an amazing brand on her blog, here. Tackling some tough issues and fearlessly engaging in conversations she knows need to be talked through, Rachel is largely the inspiration for my renewed blogging efforts. And she will be in Atlanta on Friday! Let’s all go see her 🙂

What are you guys reading? I love opportunities to experience fresh opinions and incredible minds!


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