377307_592119192985_178904290_nThey say to write what you know.

I like bacon. A lot.

When I first went Paleo and lost a bunch of weight, people always asked, “Well, what are you eating?!” When I told them that I ate 4 strips of bacon with my breakfast every morning, they interjected, “Wait a second! Bacon is terrible for you!”

Given all the research out there, I cannot say I blame them for their beliefs. Studies exist that examine the risk of sodium in cured meats. Still more studies claim that cholesterol is a threat. Others say it can hurt your lungs.

In the midsts of all these criticisms, I could not help but take a step back and look at the transformation in my own life. My cholesterol was down. My blood pressure was down. I had lost over 30 pounds at this point. And I was eating bacon on the daily. My personal experience just did not add up to the criticisms.

The converted Christian experiences a similar thing. When we replace the negative things in life with those that are truly good, a radical transformation takes place. While the Church and the Christian faith is constantly lambasted by critics as “dangerous” or as “misogynistic” or “divisive,” our personal experience shows something different.

In Jesus, our priorities are rearranged so that we often want the things that are best for us. Instead of getting drunk or binge eating we desire to care for our bodies with proper food and drink. Instead of wasting our time watching terrible entertainment we build up our bodies and minds through exercise and study. Instead of withdrawing from friends and family to sulk alone in dark homes we live a vibrant life full of friendship and community.

You see, despite all the criticisms facing the Church and belief in Jesus today, so much good is still brought into the world through the Christian faith. God’s mercy continually rains on the just and the unjust, calling all into the community of believers to partake of this amazing transformation.

I learned all this thinking about bacon. You all can blast bacon all you want, my breakfast this morning was better than yours!


3 thoughts on “What bacon taught me about Jesus

  1. I love bacon too! Did you know that if you put bacon bits on top of bacon…you can travel through time? =)

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